Helping Faith Organizations Discover the Power of Digital Technology to Grow Ministries and Impact Communities 



We make sure that every church regardless of size has access to a team of well trained technology professionals capable of supporting the work of ministry.


SMART CHURCH 2020 is a church growth and development program designed to help local church ministries Reach, Engage and Serve larger audiences leveraging the power of digital technology.  We provide the professional expertise faith leaders need to intelligently adopt, deploy and connect technology solutions with ministry goals and objectives affordably. 

As a member of the SMART CHURCH 2020 program your church will have the benefit of working with a team of digital technology and marketing professionals with diverse skills to support your leadership and ministry groups in expanding it’s capacity to successfully research, procure, deploy and manage the right technology solutions for your specific ministry.

Our goal is to build a network of program partners that form a Technology Cooperative who will benefit from the economies realized in working collaboratively to design, build and manage similar types of projects such as web and social media platforms, live stream and mobile apps, just to name a few.   

we can help your CHURCH REACH and engage


The SMART CHURCH 2020 program is designed to help church leaders affordably procure a host of professional and creative services and product solutions tailored specifically to address individual church ministry needs providing the following: 


Full Time Professional Services Technology Team

  • Expanded Capacity to Build and Manage Multiple Technology Platforms
  • Access to Technology Education and Training Resources  
  • Participation in Cooperative Technology Funding Programs
  • A Technology Partner that Understands Many of the Challenges Facing the Faith Community and How Technology Can Provide Solution

Digital Learning Center

An integrated suite of our best People,
Processes and world class Platform

21st Century Resource for Education, Community Engagement and Training

The evolution of technology has made delivering education easier and more engaging.  We believe that the Church in many cases has failed to keep pace with the movement of technology to effectively provide education and training programs for leadership and Christian development, which puts Christian educators at a disadvantage when it comes to preparing students to learn and equipping persons overall for the work of ministry.  Our SMART CHURCH 2020 Digital Learning Center program places a 21st century resource and teaching methodology in the hands of church school, christian education and ministerial institute leaders; empowering them to deliver instruction in powerful, engaging and impacting ways that will help students regardless of age to learn faster and more effectively.  

  • Percent of People Used Internet to Read Bible 2011 37% 37%
  • Percent of People Used Internet to Read Bible 2017 55% 55%
  • Searched for Bible Verses or Bible Content on Smart Phone 2011 18% 18%
  • Searched for Bible Verses or Bible Content on Smart Phone 2017 53% 53%
  • Download or Used Bible App on Smart Phone 2011 n/a% n/a%
  • Download or Used Bible App on Smart Phone 2017 43% 43%

We Can Help Transform Any Space in Your Church Into a Digital Learning Center

Video technology is a powerful resource every faith organization should adopt in order to have the capacity to deliver the most innovative and engaging education and training programs to audiences you serve or plan to serve as part of your ministry!  Through video technology instruction can also be delivered from remote places apart from your main site which provides greater opportunity to engage the larger community and a diversity of subject experts from around the globe capable of collaborating in your education and training programs.  Let us help you build and automate a space in your church such as classroom(s), fellowship hall and even your sanctuary with a few 21st century technology resources and tools that will help make a tremendous difference and impact in your ministry. .


We train church leaders and volunteers how to operate a technology ministry while providing the professional expertise church organizations need to design, build and operate a successful digital infrastructure that supports mission and ministry goals.

  • 4-Hour per Month Video Production and Program Consulting Services
  • Management of Conferencing/Video Streaming
  • Technical Support for Setup and Production
  • Graphic Design Support Services
  • Training for Staff and Volunteers


There must be logical steps taken to ensure the adoption, deployment and use of technology leads to the successful achievement of mission/ministry goals and objectives.

  • Ministry / Technology Assessment 
  • Site Prep and Staging
  • Security Protocols
  • Content Development Processes
  • Program Production and Outreach Strategies
  • Integration Strategies for Web and Social Media


The primary technology needed to successfully launch a Digital Learning Center program includes Live Streaming/Video-On-Demand Services, Web/Social Media Platforms, Giving Platform and Mobile/TV Apps.  We offer a bundled solution custom priced based on the number of students you will serve to include:  

  • Live Stream Video Package 
  • Mevo Plus Live Event Cameras
  • Laptop/iPAD for Live Streaming Production
  • Video Production Software License
  • WiFi Hi-Speed Internet Service Recommendation
  • Hosted Website/Mobile App, Giving Platforms (Subsplash™ is our Platform
    solution partner)



We are offering to show you how to build a budget-neutral Digital Learning Center (DLC) and Technology Ministry for your church  while also introducing you to new revenue streams for your ministry. DX Tech Solutions has designed an innovative subscription program congregations can use to fund their technology procurement initiatives through the dollars received from persons who will become paid subscribers to our Live Stream TV Network ( 

The minimum requirement for your church organization to become a SMART CHURCH 2020 program member without stressing the current church budget is first pay a nominal annual program membership fee of $995.00 plus sign and enroll a minimum of one hundred (100) members of your congregation to include their family and friends who are motivated to support the church’ digital media technology ministry by subscribing to the SMART CHURCH 2020 PROGRAM on an annual basis.  This is an excellent opportunity for your church to leverage Live Streaming/Video-On-Demand technology to grow your ministry while helping your members develop as well!