Hosted by St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church


St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church, Harrington, Delaware is working in partnership with the SMART CHURCH 2020 program and the Living Stone Network (LSN) to host the debut and launch of this collaboration during our first Online Church Bazaar, June 28th-June 29th, 2019. This event is a tremendous opportunity to bring together a network of local churches, faith-based nonprofits and Christian businesses into a partnership under the umbrella of SMART CHURCH 2020, to share their mission and ministry messages with a large audience via live stream broadcast.  Each organization that participates in the Bazaar will have an opportunity to become a partner of the SMART CHURCH 2020 program and be able to share their story in any Video format they choose with a projected goal of Reaching a minimum of 10,000 viewers who represent the target audience not only for the Online Church Bazaar but also as prospective subscribers to the Living Stone Network (LSN). 


A Unique and Innovative Way for Local Churches to form new Partnerships, Reach and Engage Larger Audiences 

The Online Church Bazaar is designed to bring together 200 mission-minded local church congregations along with 50 each faith-based nonprofits and Christian businesses that will be featured on a new Live Stream TV platform branded under the banner of the Living Stone Network (LSN).  Through this platform our faith-partner’s productions will be featured on live and pre-recorded broadcast as well as simulcast to websites, social media sites, mobile and tv apps affordably and professionally.   Organizations that participate should anticipate or plan to:

  1. Witness first hand the strategic value of becoming a SMART CHURCH 2020 partner
  2. Learning how to affordably produce  a 1-3 Video Commercial highlighting their organization through a live or pre-recorded broadcast. 
  3. Working with a professional team to produce a live 15-30 minute broadcast offering a virtual tour of your ministry or nonprofit
  4. Prepare to host an Online auction that invites the audience to bid on certain items where a portion of the proceeds will be shared with local church organizations that participate in the Bazaar.  
  5. Produce a live 60-minute broadcast of a concert, lecture, or documentary or
  6. Simply sponsor a production that will broadcast on one or more of the days and receive mention of your organization
  7. Be Innovative and Creative of how you would like to use the time allotted to promote your organization and tell your story. 


The purpose of this event is to raise awareness within the diverse communities served by the African Methodist Episcopal Church while introducing the diverse ministries, programs and services offered by the various local church societies that make up our Zion in the First Episcopal District.   We hope to also demonstrate the power of leveraging video technology to achieve mission, evangelism, outreach and church growth goals, encouraging A.M.E. church leaders to move their ministries further into the 21st Century.  St. Paul African Methodist Episcopal Church in Harrington, Delaware is a small congregation led by the Reverend Maurice L. Butler.  Through his pastoral leadership we are developing a technology program that will be incorporated into our overall ministry plan and strategy for the 2019-2020 Conference year.

St. Paul A.M.E. Church is partnering with the “SMART CHURCH 2020” program a faith-based technology ministry project envisioned by Rev. Butler to introduce Video as one of the core technology resources church organizations should use to Reach, Attract and Engage larger audiences throughout the communities we serve.   This Online Church Bazaar will provide our A.M.E. Church family an opportunity to use a 21st Century technology resource corporately to further pursue our Evangelism, Outreach and Church Growth goals.  We should all also consider leveraging this event as a fundraising activity as well for each of the local churches that will get involved and join with us on this journey.  The Bazaar will broadcast live from the Living Stone Network (LSN) TV a Live Stream platform owned and managed by the “SMART CHURCH 2020” program.

Target Audience

Who Will Attend Our Event

The SMART CHURCH 2020 program team has developed a plan for St. Paul and the group of A.M.E. Church organizations that will participate with us, to collectively reach a minimum of 10,000 viewers to our Online Church Bazaar.  This is a conservative number and based on a simple calculation that each of the 200 local church organizations invited to participate who actually register and get involved, will be given 50 passes for church members, family and friends to attend the event virtually over the Internet.    Let’s Do the Math…. 50 x 200 = 10,000



St. Paul A.M.E. Church is excited about all the opportunities this project will provide for us as we diligently work to grow our ministry in so many different ways.  We believe however that sharing this project with our brother and sister churches in the First Episcopal District will help many who are looking for ways to strengthen and grow their ministries with innovation and creativity.  Here are a few reasons we feel your local church should join us on this journey: 

  • With a collaboration of 200 local churches we will be able to Reach 10,000 plus people with our messages and telling our story. 
  • This is a great opportunity for our collective churches to Evangelize using 21st Century tools to Reach thousands of people. 
  • We can discover together the power of using technology to not only Reach, but Attract new and larger audiences who will be drawn to our ministry. 
  • Our church members particularly youth and young adults will have an opportunity to become more involved in our ministries as we introduce them to technology tools and resources that their generation is more familiar with using, Video.   
  • There is a huge economic benefit of not only participating in this event but the residual benefits will far outweigh any investment made. 
  • What a powerful way to impact the neighborhoods and communities we serve while making a significant contribution to building stronger communities and forging more profound relationships with business leaders, education, nonprofits and others who are all well to join us as well.
  • Live Streaming will help each local church gain the capacity needed to spread the Gospel more broadly throughout the region and even globally, Reaching, Attracting and Engaging larger audiences along the way.   


As the world becomes a more complex and challenging place to live people are faced with issues and problems that appear to be outside of the normal ministry skills and gifts that reside in many of our local churches.  Pastoral counseling has its place in the church, but unless the clergy person is deeply experienced in a multitude of social, economic, community and human behavior disciplines to name a few, it is difficult for the local church to deliver a holistic ministry solo.   Our Online Church Bazaar offers faith-based nonprofits an opportunity to partner and collaborate with the local church leveraging the platforms of the church as well as technology to Reach and Engage audiences who are in need of help and support and are not able to find the resource(s) they need particularly within the closed door of the local church on Monday morning.  There are several reasons and benefits for faith-based nonprofits participating in this event:

  • Ability to establish a relationship with a local church that is well anchored and respected in the community as a voice of influence.
  • Alignment with a ministry with similar mission goals but in need of a partner to help build the capacity to serve a much larger and specific needs-based audience. 
  • Opportunity to share space in underutilized church buildings during the week offering more affordable alternatives to renting expensive commercial space or not having a place to deliver programs planned.  
  • Leveraging the Online Church Bazaar live stream to more broadly share message with prospective funders, volunteers and supporters without investment of significant marketing dollars.  
  • More exposure to a large church denomination, the African Methodist Episcopal Church


Men and women who are entrepreneurs and business leaders in our society deserve to be acknowledged and supported particularly if they are persons of faith.  There are many within our congregations that make their living as business persons and others outside of our church doors that are always ready to support many of our causes. Inviting Christian Business owners and leaders to participate in our Online Church Bazaar will not only benefit our local churches but also provide a larger platform for many of them, particularly small business owners to share the products and services they offer with wider audiences.  Below is a list of other reasons and benefits a Christian Business will realize as a result of participating with us:

  • Access to more prospective customers who will be viewing online
  • Inexpensive marketing investment
  • Potential for greater Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Establishment of new collaborative and strategic business relationships
  • Potential new partnerships
  • Platform to identify potential employees or workers with faith-based principles and work ethics
  • Potential business opportunities with local churches and or members of local church congregations
  • Another opportunity to become a major blessing to the Kingdom of God


An Innovative New Program Designed to
  • Reach Broader Audiences
  • Attract Diverse Groups of Prospective Followers
  • Engage those who will become part of Your Community
  • Grow Your Congregation
  • Strengthen Your Church Ministry
  • Build New Strategic Partnerships


Don’t Let the Size of Your Church Ministry Stop You From Evangelizing the World

All Churches are Welcome with Congregations sizes of 10-1000 members

Please take a moment to complete the registration form below to participate in our Online Church Bazaar.  Remember this is a great opportunity to evangelize and outreach to the community your church serves at-large (Reach).  Include your members and their family and friends in this event (Engage).  We will help you plan the production of your event as we will be using two technologies that will include Zoom for our webinar features and Vimeo-LiveStream for live broadcasting and recording the event for later viewing. 

Let’s Grow Together.  God Bless You!

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