Adopting the right technology solutions for your local church environment requires planning and professional guidance to ensure the right components are acquired and built into an infrastructure that strategically and tactically support your ministry goals.  

Professional and Managed Service Solutions

We encourage church leaders to become members of the SMART CHURCH 2020 program to take advantage of all of the information, resources and professional expertise offered to help you make the best technology acquisition, operation and management decisions for your organization.  Our program team consist of clergy leaders, pastors, educators, technologist and marketing professionals working collaboratively to address the technology needs of church ministries.   The majority of projects we work are in partnership with church denominations and local congregations.  

The SMART CHURCH 2020 program is structured to be an extension of a local church’ technology ministry or at a minimum an augmentation to the church staff providing the capacity needed to design, build, operate and mange 21st century technology solutions.   Our professional, creative and managed service solutions include but are not limited to the following:  


  • Ministry Technology Assessment 
  • Strategic Planning
  • Research and Development 
  • Design and Build
  • Operations and Management
  • Staff and Volunteer Training
  • Help Desk Support                                         FEATURED TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM 


Church leaders should be actively involved in the planning and acquisition process for any technology solution being considered for the local church.  A ministry technology assessment ensures that technologist are planning in accordance with the mission and vision of the church while also establishing whether or not the ministry has the capacity to adopt and use technology effectively to achieve ministry goals.  


DX Tech Solutions has several key partnerships with leading tech firms providing Video products and services.  We are Integrators with the expertise and broad solutions knowledge to help organizations procure, deploy and manage the video technology environments that make sense for your ministry and mission.

ZOOM USA is one of our most strategic partners.  We use this platform to deliver Audio/Video Conferencing solution, Webinars and outfitting Digital Learning Centers.

Dacast is the primary Live Streaming platform we use to host and deliver video streaming solutions.  We can help organizations design and build video streaming environments equipping them with cameras, computers, encoding software and other devices requred to stream / multicast accross varous platforms.


One of the most important Digital platorms every local church organization must have is a Website.  We have partnered with SUBSPLASH as the primary web/mobile and TV App hosting and site builder tech companies used to build most of our websites.

All design and develop of your website is done by our Professional and Creative services teams.  We work with clients from assessment to content development through to design and build.  The SUBSPLASH platform has a built-in Giving Platform tha is integrated into the design and development of each site.


Our primary Social Media services involve helping church organizations develop an and launch hmarketing campaigns to reach and engage larger internal and external audiences with a variety of media content including graphics, photos, videos and narratives. 


DX Tech solutions is able to provide a Managed Service solution to support Video, Web and Social Media technology environments.  This service is designed to help church organizations effectively manage thier digital technoogy platforms and environments to keep them updated and operational using our technicians, developers and engineers.

We Can Help Manage Your Technology Ministry